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SportsFit Program

Our SportsFit Program is a 12-week community fitness program that promotes a child’s emotional and physical development through exercise. As young as five years old, children can learn to have healthy lifestyle choices that are essential for lifelong well-being through our health and wellness programs for the youth.

What Children Learn in Our SportsFit Program

While our SportsFit Program is designed as an exercise program, it is more than just a fitness program. On top of physical fitness activities, they also receive nutrition education, and mindfulness training. Together with our partner schools and organizations, we have designed lessons according to their age and level of development. Our SportsFit Program is open to kids 5 to 18 years old.

Physical Fitness Education

Our community fitness programs include a range of enjoyable and motivating physical activities. A class typically starts with a warm-up session followed by fundamental movement skills training.

We teach them the seven basic movements that build the foundation for sports and other physical activities: pull, lunge, push, hinge, squat, rotation, and gait. These are the movements that stimulate all the muscles and make the body strong. We also allot time for free play to encourage the kids to interact and put new skills into practice in a fun way.

Nutrition Education

Our SportsFit Program includes nutrition education programs for the youth. Each class has a short nutritional talk that teaches them to make healthy food choices at home, in school, or wherever they are. They will learn:

·        What eating right means.

·        Good eating habits.

·        Food groups and recommended portion sizes.

·        Reading hunger cues.

·        Reading food labels.

·        Limiting sweets.

And more! We help kids establish healthy eating patterns at a young age for their growth and development.

Physical Fitness Education
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Why Enroll Your Child in Our SportsFit Program Today

Our SportsFit Program builds physical, mental, emotional, and social skills through fitness activities that your child will enjoy. All our classes are designed and led by certified Take Flight instructors who are trained to customize programs and teach lessons for K-12 students.

We teach life skills through fitness and sports, helping kids develop healthy habits that build strength, endurance, athletic abilities, and overall well-being. We combine fun play and education to create positive and fun learning experiences that will stick for life.

At the end of the SportsFit program, your child will be equipped with the basic skills and motivation they need to maintain an active, healthy, and balanced life.