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Financial Literacy Programs for Youth
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financial education programs for youth

Financial Literacy

 Take Flight’s Financial Literacy Programs teach financial literacy through entrepreneurship. It is open to high school-aged students and also adults. With our Creativity to Cash program, students learn general financial management, entrepreneurship, teamwork, and investing for beginners. The aim of our financial literacy programs for the youth is to provide them with the tools to establish solid financial habits to secure their future.

Why Enroll Your Child In Our Financial Literacy Programs for the Youth

Good money habits are not often taught in school and kids might unknowingly pick up poor financial habits from the adults around them, which they can carry into adulthood. Our financial education programs for the youth help them develop a healthy relationship with money. Learning to manage finances early enables them to become independent as adults.

  • These are the potential benefits of enrolling your child in our financial literacy programs for the youth:
  • Have a good understanding of the value of money and be more appreciative of what they have as a result.
  • Learn the value of saving as well as giving.
  • Be able to make better financial decisions as young adults.
  • Learn to plan for the future, such as saving up for a car or investing in a house.
  • Be able to recognize financial opportunities and learn when and how to take advantage of these.
  • Be able to protect themselves from financial scams or fraud.
  • Understand financial risks to avoid bad debt and bankruptcy.
  • Reduce stress associated with finances.
  • Grow up to be independent and financially responsible adults.

What to Expect from Our Financial Education Programs

Take Flight’s financial education programs for the youth teach them proper money management skills by putting theories into practice. Complex financial concepts are easier to understand when they are applied to real-world settings.

Through our Creativity to Cash Program, we introduce our students to financial literacy in an interactive real-world alternative environment. We teach them about money through entrepreneurship, to help them understand the value of money and recognize earning opportunities.

While most adults teach kids to avoid debt, our financial classes for the youth tackle debt as a part of a healthy financial life. We teach them about credit and debt.  We teach them how to manage debt when they encounter it, such as when they need it for student loans or mortgages. They will be able to understand the difference between good debt and bad debt. Students also learn to differentiate wants from needs so they can spend and save wisely.

Take Flight’s financial education programs for the youth also teach basic financial concepts like stocks, bonds, interest rates, and investments. We aim to equip kids with both the foundational financial knowledge and skills to be able to make sound financial decisions in the future, especially when they start saving up and investing their money.

Our financial literacy programs and workshops are also available online.