How to Know When You Need to Recharge

Because of the extremely fast-pace of our lives in the present world, we find ourselves needing a break quite often but normally we don’t detect it right away and we get to that conclusion once it is too late. Most of us are constantly busy and work over ten hours per day and rarely have the weekend to relax. Sometimes even Sunday isn’t an off day because there is just so much to do. Because of this, the new normal state for many people out there is overworked, which will eventually lead to exhaustion and you’ll have to address the issue at hand in order to bring yourself back and be able to feel enthusiastic, creative and motivated about the things you do.

This is very similar to how top athletes react when their training gets to the point where it is counterproductive. The same things happen there as well. They train hard and push themselves to become stronger, faster, and increase their stamina and power but once they hit their breaking point the extra training backfires and they get lower results. That is when they realize that they pushed too hard and the right course of action to improve is to take a step back from training to let your body recover and recharge.

It is the same with overworked people. They try to keep going and do their job by increasing their working hours but it usually backfires and even though they worked longer they finished less work. When you find yourself in this situation, it is time to cut back on the work and have your “me-time” so you can recharge and come back refreshed and motivated.

There are a few clear signs that point to this issue and knowing them will help you deduce what is going on with you sooner rather than later. The sooner you begin to notice these symptoms and take action the less time you’ll need to take for your body and mind to recharge. The following 5 symptoms are general and they may vary depending on your personality and tolerance but if you notice any of these appearing or your behavior changing in an uncharacteristic way you should stop and reevaluate whether you are in need of a self-care break or not.

5 Symptoms That Show When You Need To Recharge

Unable To Enjoy Anything

The first most notable thing that happens to us when we need to think about recharging and spending some time focusing on ourselves is when everything becomes dull and boring and you can’t enjoy even the things you used to love doing before. If you find yourself constantly bored or putting off stuff that you usually enjoy doing you should take notice and reevaluate yourself. It may be because you are in desperate need of a recharge.

It usually feels like you lack the creative energy to focus on the things you liked doing before. If you notice this, then it is time to take some time and take care of yourself. Make sure you are taking yourself away from stressful situations that will further exhaust you and drain your energy. It can be something very simple like hanging out in your favorite library or even going for a cup of coffee by yourself and look at some interesting projects that will inspire you and get your energy back.

Getting Irritated By Small Things

Another definite sign that you need a break and some time to recharge is when you are getting frustrated about something that isn’t a big deal at all. Whenever a small issue occurs and you overreact to it by a huge margin you should ask yourself why that is. It is usually because you are in need of some alone-time so you can take care of your own needs and recharge your energy.

The small issue we are talking about can be something as ridiculous as forgetting to buy something at the store and getting extremely angry about it or crying about it in the parking lot. That is a clear overreaction and the issue isn’t that you forgot to buy something but it goes deeper.

If something similar happens to you, you should immediately consider self-care and taking some time alone to recharge so you can deal with multiple issues from your everyday life.

Short Temper

If you aren’t someone that is short-tempered and you suddenly can’t tolerate anyone, especially your close friends and loved ones you should think about taking some time and focus on yourself and your wellbeing. It is another sign that you’ve focused too much on the needs of others and neglected yourself to the point where you have to take a break and get some self-care.

The thing that triggers you to snap might be something silly like a simple question coming from your partner or the sound someone makes when breathing. These are a clear indication that you’ve had too much and you have to focus on yourself for a little bit. We all have moments like these and they are normal but it is very important to apologize for your behavior after you’ve had some time to think and realized that you didn’t have to get snap about it.

Wanting To Be Alone

Whenever you feel like you don’t want to be around people that you usually like being around, it is a sign of your body telling you that you need some time to yourself. People can often find themselves going to the bathroom or bedroom for no other reason than to just be alone. Whenever you start feeling like this it is time to focus on your well-being and take some time to self-care. It is completely normal to want to be alone from time to time and once most people take the time they need they come back refreshed and recharged. More often than not they are much better and more positive.

Wanting To Eat Constantly

Many people are snacking and looking for something to eat when they are emotional and when we need to recharge we are often emotional so if you find yourself craving and looking around the house for snacks like chips or chocolate when you are not hungry, it is a good chance that you are in need of a recharge and some self-care time.

Sometimes it might be the stress of the day getting to you and you can get some chocolate along with a warm bath and you’ll feel much better afterward but other times you really need to get away from everyone and focus on what you want to do without any disruptions. All you need to do to deduce that you don’t really want the snacks but you are stress eating is stopping for a moment and asking yourself what you really want and the answer would most likely be: “Some alone time to recharge doing what you love”.

How To Recharge Yourself

Usually, people are having trouble recognizing the signs because of the fast way of life today and they think it is all because of their stress at work but sometimes you just need to take some alone time and focus on yourself and your needs. Once you recognize the signs and deduce that you are in need of recharge you are halfway there.

Recharge Physically

The first step is to take care of your body because through it you’ll be able to recharge your mind too. Stress can build up and keep you exhausted for a long time even if you are not working a physical job. Some things you can do to recharge physically are:

  • Exercise – as little as 20 minutes of exercise can increase your energy levels after a hard day while sitting down and watching TV might further deplete your energy levels and make you feel even more tired than you already were. Going for a bike ride or some light exercise like stretching can significantly improve your energy and make you feel much better for the next few hours.
  • Improve your sleep – the best way to recharge and rejuvenate your body and mind is through sleep. It is paramount for your overall well-being to get at least 7-9 hours of sleep at night while sleeping less than 6 hours will surely get your all burned out and overworked. Making sure your sleeping routine is between 7-9 hours will significantly improve your state and help you recharge.
  • Adjust your diet – what you consume also has an impact on how much energy you have. Eating properly will make sure that your energy doesn’t get depleted or get it back to normal if you need to recharge. Make sure that your meals are a mix of whole grains, vegetables, lean protein, and healthy fat in order to feel much better and get the much-needed recharge.
  • Try aromatherapy – if you are under a lot of stress, aromatherapy might be able to help you out. Particularly the smells of sage and lavender are known to be very relaxing and able to relieve the stress in your body. Getting a massage with essential oils that have these smells is an even better stress reliever.
  • Prepare a warm bath – sometimes all we need to recharge is a warm bath with bath salt that has toxin removing chemicals and are able to better our muscle functionality while lowering inflammation that leads to stress. Relaxing in your bath for a while might be all you need to come back recharged and ready to tackle any issues that come your way.

Recharge Mentally

While recharging yourself physically is great and you’ll feel much better after you do it, you also have to make sure that you are taking the necessary time to recharge yourself mentally. If you are constantly worrying about everything that makes you stressed it usually makes you more stressed and tense and you won’t be able to recharge at all so here are some things you can do to take your mind of those stressors and allow yourself to recharge.

  • Engage in fun activities – do something that you like and find fun that isn’t connected to your job. Take a trip somewhere with your friends or go out at night to enjoy the nightlife and dance if that is something you like doing. Literally, any fun activities that will take your mind of the stress you are feeling will suffice.
  • Avoid people and things that have a negative impact on your mood – often times we are surrounded by people who are just hard to deal with and they are the cause of our entire stress and why we need to recharge. Taking a break from that relationship for a while is something that will be highly beneficial for you and it will certainly help you recharge your batteries. It doesn’t matter if it is a friend, colleague, or partner, sometimes it is just best to take a couple of days off.
  • Meditate – meditation is another thing that can help you deal with the stress you are feeling or rather forget about it and focus on recharging yourself. If you are feeling very stressed or down you can try this method because there is some evidence suggesting that it has an overall positive impact on our psyche and it is able to improve our mood.
  • Spend time with family and friends – surround yourself with people that have positive vibes and energy. People like that tend to radiate positivity and affect everyone around them feel better. You can easily recharge when spending time with people like these while hanging out with negative people will make that task much harder.
  • Don’t multitask – having many tasks at hand and being in a hurry to get them all done is the most common way people get stressed out. Try to finish one task before starting another. This won’t just help you with your stress levels but it will also minimize the mistakes you might make when multitasking.

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