How to Have a Better Attitude Toward Fitness


People often struggle with getting up and exercising. It is a big challenge to many, especially those who are just starting their fitness journey. They know it will make them healthier and make them feel better in many ways but it’s just too hard to get up from the comfort of your couch.

The good news is that it’s not so hard to find this motivation if you just know where to look and how to change your attitude toward fitness. Here are our 6 steps on how you can approach this issue and inspire yourself to keep a regular workout routine.

Improve Your Exercise Area

Making the area where you exercise to feel better for you will definitely help you change your attitude. Imagine if you’re exercising in a place that makes you feel great about yourself because it’s clean and well maintained with the proper air conditioning and compare it to a dark basement where everything is dirty. You probably won’t want to go the second place while going to the first one would be an absolute delight. One way to have a better attitude is to make sure the place you do your exercise is to your liking.

If you’re doing your workouts at your own home you need to make sure you enjoy being in that room. Paint it your favorite color and hang motivational quotes that you like on the walls or put up pictures that make you feel great. This way you’ll make sure that you’re not skipping on your exercise because you don’t like the place and your entire attitude toward fitness will change for the better.

Have The Proper Equipment

If you have the right gear to work with, you’ll feel much more motivated to do the exercises. Having the right fitness machines in your home gym will surely improve your motivation and your entire attitude toward fitness. Especially if you get your favorite equipment that you enjoyed working out on in the local gym. For a home gym, you should focus on multipurpose machines so you can do more exercise and hit more muscle groups without spending too much money. However, when we say proper equipment, we don’t just mean fitness machines. A couple of long sleeve workout shirts will give you a boost of motivation as well because you’ll be eager to try them out and see how they impact your performance. Sometimes even getting a new bodybuilding t shirt or a couple of sleeveless workout shirts will do the trick and improve your attitude. You can easily try this by getting some of the best workout shirts and see if your attitude and motivation changes.

Start With Setting Smaller Goals

People often make mistakes when they are starting out with fitness by setting goals that are extremely hard to maintain for a long time. They might be sustainable for some professional athletes who are getting paid to train but fitness beginners often fall short and fail to follow their goals because they are set too high and afterward lose motivation and don’t feel like exercising at all. This is why it’s important to set smaller goals when you’re starting out. Setting many smaller goals will give you a boost of motivation and change your entire attitude every time you reach one of them. This will ensure that you’re properly motivated to continue and reach the next one. Eventually, you’ll get to a point where you reached your desired result and you didn’t even focus on it the entire time you exercised.

Aside from setting smaller goals, it’s beneficial to measure your improvements. This has also shown that it motivates people and improves their attitude. Whether it’s the number of repetitions you did when lifting weights or the time it took you to run 1 kilometer, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re measuring your improvements and they give you a boost in motivation.

Get a Healthy Fitness and Nutrition Guide

Working out goes together with healthy eating because the results this way are much faster and more visible. People who decide to get a proper diet have much faster results and achieve their goals a lot faster than those who remain on their current ‘eat what I like’ attitude. Achieving results faster will improve your overall attitude toward fitness because you’ll be able to feel better about yourself much faster than you expected. Each goal you reach will motivate you even more and make sure you don’t give up on your success. On the other hand, if you skip on getting a proper diet plan to go along with your workout routine and you keep on eating junk food all the time you will progress much slower and it may demotivate you and make you think that fitness is just a scam.

Avoid Alcohol

By avoiding alcohol, we don’t mean that you should stop drinking it entirely but drinking too much of it will have an impact on your mood, mental health, and overall motivation. This may affect your physical health as well because alcohol dehydrates your body and throws it off balance.

Too much alcohol also disrupts your other healthy habits like eating the right food and sleeping enough at night. It will also make it harder for you to keep to your exercise schedule because you will end up having a headache or stay in bed all day cause of a hangover.

Minimizing alcohol consumption works in your favor if you want to improve your attitude towards fitness and working out. It will also help you sleep better at night and have a proper rest which will result in improving your overall mood.

Capture The Feeling You Have After Exercising

During and after you finish exercising your body releases endorphins that make you feel great about yourself. Capturing this feeling will help you a lot because the next time you feel lazy and want to skip a workout you can remember how good and happy you felt after working out and despite being lazy, you’ll get up and exercise anyway.


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