You have helped a very troubled; at risk youth see some much better

I am very grateful for the experience, of course I had no idea of what to expect. I was asked to at least give it a try, at the time it was a very difficult time in my household. Yet I said I would be open. When I spoke to you Paul over the phone I may have had some judgments, I reminded myself to be nonjudgmental, I will always remember our first meeting on a Sunday and you were to help me with finances. WOW I thought to myself there is nothing more that can be done with the household budget. Paul you pointed out some very key things that could be done to help me, and have been and will continue to use. I’ve known of them yet have not used them in a very long time, do to stress related situations. I fill that I have taken control of my financial situation with your much needed help. It will take some time to get out of debt, yet you reminded me how it can be done and your strong point, which you have many is that you were not judgmental at any time.

This brings me to the highlight of that Sunday meeting, having been told just hours earlier that my grandson would have a mentor. My grandson gravitated to you at that first meeting not knowing you were to be his mentor. You have helped a very troubled; at risk youth see some much better days when he thought there were none. He always looks forward to meeting with you, sometimes preparing way in advance for the activity (picked by God). I thought this would be the best description that could be given and we will always be grateful Paul for the time you shared and service you provided.” – Miss Valerie

A full hearted enthusiastic coach & role model

“Coach Paul Williams is a full hearted enthusiastic coach and role model for those he trains. He differs from other coaches because he is constantly learning and teaching himself to make himself a better coach. He is a life long learner and it is rare to see in coaches. He also trains his students in every aspect by not only training their bodies but also their minds to be the best they can be. Other than his coaching skills he is also simply a good person and his athletes enjoy being around him as he creates a friendly bond with them in a positive atmosphere.” – David Yazdani, Soccer and Track & Field

Workouts are challenging and creative

“Take Flight has helped me become a better runner because their workouts are challenging and creative. They range from short sprints to longer runs which help my endurance and speed. Coach Williams is also a good coach to give advice and support; he is different from other coaches because he is relatable to teenagers because of his athletic experience when he was our age.” – Rachel Maizel, Field Hockey and Track & Field

Coach brings an uplifting energy each day

“Coach brings an uplifting energy each day at practice, with his catchy slogans and challenging workouts. I feel like I am improving because coach listens to not only my concerns but the whole team, it’s a collective effort.” – Erica Monteria, Track & Field

best fitness decision I’ve ever made!

“I’m pretty sure no one hates working out more than me. Which is why I knew I needed to hire someone to help me get in the shape I wanted to be in prior to my 30th birthday. After following Paul on various social media sites, I decided to give him a call – best fitness decision I’ve ever made! I’ve had trainers before, but none that care about their craft OR their clients as much as Paul does. He tailored my workouts to my fitness goals – as well as some goals I didn’t even know I had. He kept me accountable with my meals (a huge weakness for me). And, he adjusted his insane schedule to accommodate my crazy work demands. Your workout will be tough, but he will do it right beside you. Ten months in and I’ve never felt or looked better. Thank you Paul for all you do!”  – Dominique R.

He made sure to keep me motivated

“My training experience with Paul was great; losing a total of 14 pounds through training and clean eating. Paul created a personalized workout and meal plan for me. He made sure to keep me motivated and help get back on track when I might have temporarily deviated from my goal. Paul’s monthly fitness challenges encouraged me to do well on a competitive platform. He provided me with the tools to continue my fitness journey as well as teaching consistency and #stayingcommitted.” – Jasmine G.

Helped me with my credit report

Budgeting: Helped me with my credit report and looking ahead for the future of my family. Set goals, short term and long term to help my family financially. Prioritizing:  Prioritized finances and how to save money for her children. “Learned and gained facts on how to prioritize money. Financial planning: “Understand where exactly money comes in and how much to put out on time.  Being a single mom with five kids, I had to learn to not budget for day to day but plan for the future and Take Flight really helped me learn that.  Experience with the program: “It was simply, excellent.  The program was wonderful they are all very patient.  Honorable program.  In the short time working with me, [Take Flight] has helped me make great critical decisions on life, budgeting, and prioritizing”.” – C. Hayes.

made me a better person overall

Great experience, made me a better person overall, better insight on my life. Helped me to become motivated to do better and get a job” really helped him get a job and taught him how to do a professional interview. What he liked best: “Got my life on track when I needed it most” there was nothing wrong and no faults everything was only for the better. Career readiness: “Taught me how to make a resume, get a good job, and do a professional interview” Changes from beginning to know: “got me guidance, I got an ID, great outlook at my life for the future” made him a better person and will help him in the future “forever”.” – Alonta M.