These activities expand on students’ mathematical learning skills in ways that differ from the methods used during the school day. They enhance a student’s education by bringing new concepts or by using old concepts in new, fun, interactive, and real-life ways. Our financial literacy programs assist with managing money and budgeting which can be a daunting task, as well as financial planning. Keeping track of everything can be tough, but we will help develop the skills needed to become financially confident.


When implemented correctly, proper strength & conditioning methods have been proven to help prevent injuries and improve performance. Take Flight leverages the expertise of our certified training staff to build safe and effective programs, designed to help you stay healthy and improve their daily performance. The foundation of our program is to centered around mobility and injury resistance.  Additional considerations include: energy systems, movement patterns, primary as well as secondary movers, hypertrophy, strength, power, and endurance. We use everything from free weights and kettle bells to bands.


Mentoring is a core element and one that provides our children and youth with a stable adult role model. The relationship should foster a positive attitude towards education and expose the each student to a variety of positive, new experiences. Mentors maintain regular one-on-one contact with the students and enhance our program’s impact by acting as a friend, counselor, teacher, and confidant.